Kamila is coding. Um. A lot.

As of now I have about 80 GitHub repos, because I am messy. These are the large projects I consider active (though maybe they don’t look like that right now…):

  • Songbook: A neat, mobile-friendly, and human-friendly songbook + sheet music organizer (web app with offline capabilities [not yet]).
    • Status: Usable, though far from finished. Can display chords or sheet music, and can transpose!
    • Dev status:
      • Expect heavy changes once the winter semester is over.
      • API frozen, as I am secretly moving to Django.
      • web UI frozen until API unfreeze because I want login. And it may or may not get rewritten into Elm.
      • Contributions are very much welcome, but maybe not right now because right now it’s terrible ;-)
  • Tasksched: An opinionated Taskwarrior web UI: perfect for scheduling tasks. Somewhat inspired by Todoist, but only somewhat ;-)
    • Status: Usable for scheduling (and rescheduling and unscheduling). Scheduling and marking done is the only thing it can do now, but you have the CLI for the rest ;-) And it has a pretty “next task page” that works great as a new tab page in the browser, yay!
    • Dev status:
      • Written in Elm, so changes are cheap. Small improvements might come in quite frequently.
      • Contributions are welcome! Though far from “perfectly clean”, this app is IMHO not terrible!
  • OutSurfing: “Couchsurfing for outdoor activities” – a platform for finding companions for hikes, skiing or anything, based on preferences and time constraints. In fact, it will be able to do anything, not just outdoor. Therefore it needs a better name.
    • Status: Planning stage, nothing is deployed. But soonish it will!
    • Dev status: Currently not open-source because I need to persuade my collaborator :-/ But we intend to re-open-source once it’s been running for a while. Talk to me if you want to help, though.

Smaller projects that should not be deleted (unlike some of my other smaller projects):

Check out my GitHub for a nearly-infinite list of repos, some of which are dead and good for them, and some of which live on until they die by accident.