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Kamila Součková

I identify problems in systems before they eat your time, your product, and your dog.
  me@kamila.is   kamila.is   github.com/anotherkamila   Zurich, Switzerland

Work Experience


DevOps Engineer at Wincent:
system & application monitoring; big data pipeline design & implementation; performance monitoring including using eBPF to export custom kernel metrics


Research Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer at Network Security Group, ETH Zurich:
design and operations of the SCIONLab global research network; work on high-performance network applications


Lead Site Reliability Engineer for Data Center Light at ungleich:
VM cluster design and operation (Ceph distributed filesystem, OpenNebula virtualization manager, Prometheus monitoring)

2014, 2015:

Site Reliability Engineering intern at Google Switzerland (summer 2014 Payments SRE, summer 2015 Borg SRE)

  • contributed to the Student Development Team at my university – full-stack web development; ops
  • designed and developed the backend of an in-house solution for an RFID-based access control system – Project Deadlock
  • server administrator for Trojsten – Linux and FreeBSD servers with diverse uses

software engineer at MicroStep - MIS – meteorological data visualisation


web developer (front-end) at Lighting Beetle



ETH Zurich, Switzerland: MSc Computer Science, focus Information Security
Thesis: FPGA-based line-rate packet forwarding for the SCION future Internet architecture – hardware/software co-design, work across the whole network stack, software-defined networking; achieved 40Gbps throughput


Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics, Comenius University, Slovakia: BSc Computer Science
Notable project: learned more about how operating systems work by making one from scratch - chaOS


  • not intimidated by unfamiliar complex systems, enjoys diving into them
  • able to combine theoretical understanding and practical skills
  • enjoys system design with emphasis on reliability, security, scalability, maintainability and correctness
  • languages: English (fluent), Slovak (native speaker), Czech (fluent), German (intermediate)
  • experience giving talks about a multitude of topics in science and technology at various venues, notably FOSDEM 2020
  • an ever-increasing list of programming languages, database environments, operating systems and other technologies
  • many open-source contributions (code, outreach, education), notably presence in the FreeBSD community: outreach, talks, workshops, contributed a device driver
  • I know regular expressions!

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