A few quick variations of a FreeBSD/Beastie wallpaper.

v2 v2-blue v1

SVG source files (use this if you want to modify the wallpapers): v1.svg, v2.svg, v3.svg

Here’s a neat trick: If you want a different background colour, you can do it from the command line! Download the SVG files, install ImageMagick and use the following command:

convert -quality 100 -background <colour> <source>.svg wallpaper.png

For example, the blue wallpaper I use on my laptop was created by this command:

convert -quality 100 -background '#002b36' v3.svg v3-blue.png

That way you can easily match it with your theme :-)

I made these to celebrate that FreeBSD runs surprisingly well on my laptop. I should write about that some day!

The FreeBSD logos come from the FreeBSD Foundation website.

License: CC BY 2.0